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At Oregon Commercial Lighting (formerly Laird Lighting), we provide advanced LED lighting solutions to bring customers savings and effective results. Below you will find case studies for some of the businesses we have had the privilege of helping.

Case Studies: Interior Lighting Upgrade at JC Market Thriftway in Newport, Oregon

Here are before and after photos from the JC Market Thriftway in Newport, Oregon. This customer came to us with the need for a complete interior lighting replacement and upgrade.

We first conducted an energy audit of the store, and were able to come up with an affordable, brighter solution for the business. We installed energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the entire store. The result not only brightened up the store, but transformed their whole look. The customer was extremely pleased with the outcome.

Want to see more of our interior lighting work? Give us a call and we can show you other examples from local businesses who were happy with their lighting upgrades.

Case Studies: Chevron Eugene Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Upgrade

Here are images of one local business, a long-time customer, with complex lighting needs who worked with us for an energy-efficient LED lighting upgrade. We conducted an energy audit including long term maintenance and energy costs and were able to provide a solution that was not only affordable, but truly transformed their look. We’re very happy with the outcome.

The “before” images highlight the outside fixtures before upgrading to an energy-efficient LED light system. The “after” photos show what it looks like after the upgrade using energy-efficient LED lighting. WHAT a difference!

We also helped install LED lighting inside of this gas station.

Did you know that in about a year, most Oregon business owners can see a simple payback on their investment with Oregon Commercial Lighting? LED lighting systems usually come with a 10-year warranty and up to 100,000 hours + of operation. LED lighting saves you maintenance costs and looks so much better!

Want to see more? Call us and we can point to the many local businesses that have used our services over the last few years. We look forward to helping you look great, affordably.

Case Studies: Oasis Plaza in Eugene, Oregon

Oasis Plaza Shopping Center is located off of Willakenzie Road across from Sheldon High School in Eugene. The owners were in need of a brighter parking lot, but also wanted to save on energy costs.

Oregon Commercial Lighting added double the amount of outdoor fixtures and upgraded all of their current fixtures to energy efficient LED lighting.

The result? Even with double the amount of fixtures, their total energy bill dropped 20% by switching to energy efficient LED lighting.

Case Studies: Mazda Dealership in Eugene, Oregon

We are very proud of the project we completed for our long time customers at the Mazda Dealership in Eugene.

We first completed an extensive energy audit to assess the dealership’s indoor and outdoor lighting needs which resulted in the installation of 100% LED lights on their car lot and in the parking lot. 100% LED indoor lighting was also installed for their showroom floor and waiting room area.

The result? The dealership is happy to report that they are now only using 30% of their original energy costs. They also have THE brightest and most energy efficient car dealership in Lane County!

Case Studies: Coburg Road 76 Station in Eugene, Oregon

One of Oregon Commercial Lighting’s most recent jobs came at the 76 Station on Coburg Road here in Eugene. Here are some of the images of the new lighting upgrades that were installed at this location.

In the end, this customer was very pleased with the new LED, energy efficient lighting upgrades. The transformation truly helped clean up the look of this location, both inside and out.

Here you can see photos of the outside of the gas station after the installation of the new LED energy efficient lighting. You can also see some of the images of the inside of the gas station after the upgrade. The switch to LED lightened up both the inside and outside of the gas station.

Want to see more of our work? Give us a call and we can show you other examples from local businesses who were pleased with their lighting upgrades. We look forward to working with you and making your business look the best it can be.

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