Security Lighting

Outdoor Security Lighting

While exterior lighting can make your business more appealing to customers, it’s also the best way to deter unwanted intruders. An adequate security lighting system will protect and secure your valued business from burglary, vandalism, and theft. Oregon is a relatively safe state to live in, but with break-ins and looting on the rise, it’s important to safeguard yourself and your business from these potential issues. Oregon Commercial Lighting can help.

Security Lighting for Crime Prevention

If your business struggles with crime, installing an outdoor lighting system is an investment that will pay off instantly. A sufficient lighting system will leave thieves no place to hide, preventing intruders from targeting your business to begin with.

Types Of Outdoor Security Lighting

In our 25+ years of business, we have served hundreds of businesses across Oregon, helping them to find the best lighting options for their business needs.

Security Lighting

Flood Light

With our years of knowledge and experience, we strategically place flood lights around the property to ensure complete coverage of your business.

Security Lighting

Motion Sensing Light

Motion sensing lights are a cost-effective solution to light up the exterior of the building, without being left on throughout the night wasting precious energy. When programmed properly, they can create the effect of someone “shining a spotlight” on you for additional deterrence.

Security Lighting

LED Energy Efficient Lighting

It’s important to note that unlike other lighting technologies, LEDs produce direct, precise illumination, a big part of why LEDs are a perfect backlighting source for letters and company logos in box sign applications as well.

Protect Your Business With Top Of The Line Security Lighting

If you have questions, talk to our team. We can help find the best solution to your outdoor security lighting troubles.

See first-hand how LED lighting can drastically up your security game.

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