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Lighting Maintenance Plan

Oregon Commercial Lighting (formerly Laird Lighting) can help establish a lighting maintenance plan to keep your working environment illuminated properly all year long with the least inconvenience to you and your employees.

Our service manager and expert technicians will work to establish a lighting maintenance plan that is most effective and efficient for your organization’s unique needs. Our maintenance plans can cover indoor and exterior lighting, specialty lamps and ballasts. This also includes repairs and maintenance of any existing LED fixtures.

If you are interested in learning about how you can save money on ongoing lighting costs, we can provide you with an energy audit to establish the most cost effective way to get your lights upgraded to LED. This audit shows you how your initial investment will pay off in as little as a year thanks to great rebates and incentives offered in our communities.

Our goal is to ensure that your company looks great and remains secure, your employees can work safely, and your customers and clients can view your business in the “best possible light”!

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Light Bulb and Lamp Recycling

We serve Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis, Salem and most of those counties. Call us to see if we can come to your area!

Cut down on waste with a light bulb and lamp recycling plan from Oregon Commercial Lighting. Oregon Commercial Lighting will recycle your bulbs and tubes for you.

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and other energy-efficient lighting such as linear fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) lamps, contain a small amount of mercury; an essential ingredient that makes them efficient (fluorescent lamps average less than 4 milligrams of mercury – about the amount that would cover the tip of a ballpoint pen) making them unsafe for landfills in large quantities.

Recycling your bulb and tube lighting captures the mercury and allows it to be reused. Also, when you recycle bulbs and tubes, your company cuts down on the need for power plants to burn fossil fuels to generate electricity thereby reducing emissions, including mercury, carbon dioxide and other pollutants from entering the atmosphere.

By recycling these bulbs and tubes, you can cut down on the waste that is a by-product of this cost-saving technology. We offer recycling services to our business customers so that not only will you save money with your long-lasting, energy-efficient, maintenance-reducing lighting, you will also save waste!

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Light Bulb Replacement Specialists

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At Oregon Commercial Lighting, we specialize in service! We offer bulb replacement for your business for any light fixture.

Our range of replacement bulbs and tubes include:

  • LED
  • Compact Fluorescent
  • Halogen
  • Incandescent
  • Linear Fluorescent Tubes
  • High Pressure Sodium
  • Metal Halide
  • Pulse Start Metal Halide
  • Ceramic Metal Halide
  • Refrigeration Case Lighting
  • and more!

Oregon Commercial Lighting can provide light fixture and bulb replacement for interior atrium or exterior hard-to-reach areas that require a ladder, high reach bucket truck, or scissor lift.

Our specialists can set up a maintenance program with your business so that your company continues to glow brightly throughout the year with no thought or worry.

Contact us today in order to get a quote for your business and ask us about the energy efficient options that are offered in your area.

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Other Key Services We Offer

  • Emergency lighting system testing, service, and installation
  • Motion sensor system testing, service, and installation
  • Training/consultation of maintenance for commercial lighting systems

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