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Oregon Commercial Lighting (formerly Laird Lighting) can help your business find and secure Utility Incentives. These can reduce your initial cost when your company is going through the process of upgrading to more energy efficient lighting. We can also audit your estimated savings by visiting your site. Fill out the form below and we will schedule an appointment with you in order to reveal what you could be doing to save your company money!

The savings can be significant within the first year or so. For example, let’s say that an Oregon business owner hires Oregon Commercial Lighting to upgrade a site that had 195 regular floodlights using an estimated 55,000 kWh per year. The customer would like the business to save money on the monthly electricity bill. They then decide to go with LED flood bulbs to replace their existing floodlighting.

Oregon Commercial Lighting installs 195 LED floodlights at a total estimated installation and supply cost of $10,415.00. This change in bulbs reduces the kilowatt hours used by 44,780 kWh annually at an estimated electrical savings of $4,953.00 in the first year alone.

Additionally, the company will receive a Utility Incentive of $4,875.00 for completing the project. This reducing the estimated installation and supply cost to $5540.00. Also, because LED light bulbs generally last for years, it will save the business an estimated average of $1,170.00 annually in maintenance costs.

This means that in a little over one year, the Oregon business owner will see a simple payback on their investment with Oregon Commercial Lighting.

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