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LED Energy Efficient Lighting: When considering the sustainability of LED lights, the first aspect that generally springs to mind is low energy use. But there are plenty of others, including waste reduction, re-cyclability, the use of materials and resources and the effect on building and design practices.

And then there’s your bottom line. Saving money by converting to energy efficient technology is no longer an unaffordable or intangible ideal. By converting to LED lighting, you can save your company money on a monthly basis, get a return on AND exceed your investment quickly.

The LED bulb alone is a 90% savings in energy compared to a regular bulb and each bulb can last over 60,000 hours compared to an incandescent bulb, which lasts around 1500 hours. What’s more, today’s LED’s come in all shapes and sizes so that you can replace your existing bulbs without necessarily replacing the fixtures. LED’s can be used on everything from street lamps and billboards to desk lamps and refrigerators.

LED lights do not emit much heat, resulting in their energy efficiency as well as making them safe in close contact with workers, customers and product. Furthermore, LED bulbs do not break and they do not use a filament that can break resulting in failure. LED lighting is mercury-free and it won’t put out harmful UV rays into the environment resulting in an excellent “green” choice for your business.

Because LED’s do not emit UV rays, they also do not attract bugs, making them perfect for the food, beverage or medical industries. They also save power by not interfering with other appliances such as air conditioners and large refrigerators since they do not take much energy. Because they do not put out much heat, they can also be used without interfering with the indoor temperature of your business.

LED lighting, unlike compact fluorescent is quick to turn on and LED white lights are easier on your eyes and are closer to the color of daylight because they give out a broader spectrum of light. This creates an immediately illuminated space and a more pleasant environment for your clients, workers and customers.

Let us help you transition to LED lighting. Oregon Commercial Lighting (formerly Laird Lighting) can determine what your business will need and how we can help you get discounts and rebates from local power companies and/or state agencies. It’s an investment that can significantly reduce overhead costs and improve the overall look and feel of your environment.

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Energy Loan Programs in Oregon

Rebates, Discounts and State Incentive Programs

Improving your lighting can mean big savings on your monthly energy bill plus overall improvements in the comfort, quality, and value of your facility.

At Oregon Commercial Lighting, we help you get the information you need to establish a lighting program that suits your business needs and takes advantage of incentives and rebates offered by your local power company, as well as the Energy Trust of Oregon. Some of those programs are listed below, but the best idea is to take part in an Oregon Commercial Lighting Energy Audit to learn how these programs apply to your specific needs.


Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB)

EWEB offers rebates, discounts and low interest loans for small to large businesses. EWEB offers significant incentives to help you generate savings that can add to your bottom line without a crushing initial investment.

Your company can purchase and install qualifying product(s) and receive substantial incentives or rebates.

Existing Building Lighting Retrofit: This lighting rebate program offers EWEB’s business customers a streamlined approach to encourage energy efficient lighting upgrades. Rebate items include: replacing incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps, retrofitting or replacing fluorescent fixtures with energy efficient lamps and ballasts, replacing incandescent exit signs with LED exit signs, and new lighting controls where appropriate.

Custom Incentive Program: EWEB offers custom cash incentives for larger or complex projects. The total incentive is based on the potential annual electric savings of energy efficiency measures. Efficiency measures with greater savings will result in higher cash incentives.

New Construction and Major Renovation Lighting: 
Offers building developers, designers, and contractors a streamlined approach to encourage the design and installation of energy efficient lighting systems in new commercial buildings and major renovation projects.


Springfield Utility Board (SUB)

SUB offers several rebate programs for commercial customers. Their Commercial Lighting Implementation Program pays incentives for upgrades of existing lighting systems in commercial and industrial facilities. Their retrofit program offers one-for-one replacement rebates. Their Energy Smart Design program helps pay for upgrades of new lighting systems in new commercial facilities (or major remodels).


Pacific Power

Pacific Power offers Small, Medium and large business incentives through Energy Trust of Oregon. Standard lighting projects can be refunded by up to 50 percent of total eligible project costs.

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Energy Trust of Oregon Incentives

Energy Trust offers incentives for a variety of lighting fixtures and controls. Incentives for standard lighting projects may be available for up to 50 percent of total eligible project costs. Incentives may also be available for the installation of custom lighting equipment.


Emerald Power Utility District (EPUD)

EPUD can save energy and money for large and small businesses by offering rebates for lighting retrofit.

For information about programs offered by other utility districts,
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High Efficiency Lighting

A Bright Idea: Earn Sustainability Awards

High Efficiency Lighting is a benefit to the environment and your bottom line, but did you also know that making these changes could help you qualify for several awards and certifications? The following programs are available in Oregon to recognize small, medium, and large businesses as they make efforts to become more sustainable.

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Sustainable Business Oregon

Each year, Sustainable Business Oregon honors organizations that are innovating new ways to implement sustainable practices as part of a successful business strategy. These recipients are worthy of attention for their contributions to Oregon’s sustainable economy for the integration of economic, environmental and social benefits.

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EcoBiz Program

The Eco-Logical Business Program recognizes businesses and shops that reach the highest standards in minimizing their environmental impact. The goal of the program is to prevent and minimize pollution generated by small businesses in Oregon. Currently, there are two multi-media (air, water, and solid waste) certification programs: the automotive services and landscape services programs.

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RE:think Business

RE:think Business offers Lane County businesses free, confidential advice and support on practical ways to trim waste and save money. Businesses that are “certified” receive incentives, recommendations, resources, and public recognition.

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