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Interior Lighting and Fixtures

At Oregon Commercial Lighting, we offer choices in interior lighting for your business to create an attractive, warm, safe and more functional environment for customers and workers.

We specialize in interior lighting that is both functional and appealing and, because we are masters at maximizing money, we help you choose the most energy-efficient bulbs and tubes to compliment your fixtures so that your company can save money over the long-run.

Check out one case study with the 76 Station.

Brighten Up Your Interior Lighting!

We can also get you set up with a local program that can generate rebates, tax incentives or discounts to increase your bottom line even more significantly!

If you are considering replacing the current lighting in your business, let OCL help you through this project.

  1. First we will sit down with you and listen to what you are trying to achieve.
  2. Our lighting experts will then help you decide what you need as a company according to your vision, your budget and your long-term money-saving goals.
  3. Finally, our highly trained electrical specialists will install the new interior lighting and they will maintain it for the life of your business!

Interested in brightening up your business space? Contact us today.

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